Kim Kardashian Hollywood - Be the A list star with Kim

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a standard game that is entirely free to play. It was released back five years ago in 2014 and was specially developed by the Glu games for the fans of Kim Kardashian. In the game, the primary role of the player is to get considerable fame in Hollywood through their hard work and the guidance of several characters. Rest if we talk about the funds then like any other game the funds and credits play a significant role here in the game for faster progress. Without funds, it's almost impossible to complete the game. Therefore, not being good at the funds' collection, then it can become a problem for you. For that reason, you should grab a generous amount of credits beforehand through the Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack.


In Kim Kardashian Hollywood, the main objective of the players is to augment their reputation in the Hollywood world, which we all know can be done by gaining fans. For that purpose, you will need to work hard as you have to go on photo shoots, socialite promotion parties, events, and much more.  Every task you will perform in the game will cost you some amount of energy which gets refilled after a specific time interval.  The accomplishment of the actions will reward you with money and some experience points that will help you further in the game.

In-game currencies and funds

There are several in-game credits in the game that the player requires collecting to make decent progress.  The crucial funds are energy, cash, and stars. SO let's look at all three of them in brief. 
·         As mentioned above that you will require energy points to perform any task in the game. It can be earned through hidden rewards that you can collect by tapping on some specific objects. However, if you want to play the game without worrying about running out of the energy points, then it's better to utilize the KimKardashian Hollywood cheats to get unlimited energy.
·         Cash is the most essential and standard currency. Therefore, you will require completing project and goals in the game to get good cash flow in your game account.
·         Stars are the premium credits that can only be earned by spending real money.

That's all the necessary information about the gameplay of Kim Kardashian Hollywood that you should know. So are you ready to work with the most popular Hollywood celebrity? If yes, then hurry up and get the game through app stores.